It’s pretty. I love pretty things. Going to give this a spin: hopefully it works better than the other life-decluttering tools I’ve tried. I always end up going back to about fifteen sticky notes, receipts and pieces of scrap paper all over my house.

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  1. Hello! Lu Yang here.

    Hmm imo there isn’t really a perfect way to organise stuff, especially with technology. Like with pen and paper you can position the stuff anyway you want, but with such utilities it’s really troublesome to use because it’s all fixed, e.g. you might want a feature from this utility though the rest of its interface sucks.

    Though with pen and paper, it’s not the neatest due to handwriting, and unless you use pencil and eraser, which is so tedious, you can’t edit stuff easily compared to typing.

    And you have to turn on the computer when you want to check your schedule, which is –”

    Haha (:

    • OK wow where did you pop up from? Anyway, hi. I’m just going to see how long this one lasts. It *is* a pain to have to switch the computer on just to check what to do, but for now I’m actually just using it for my book lists.

      As for other organizational methods, I used to make small planners and keep them in my wallet. I also had a paper wallet for a month and I’d just write stuff on the wallet itself. The problem with these was I didn’t always have a pencil with me.

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