Armony Eizelstein

Armony Eizelstein

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  Faber-Castell Watercolor Pencils

  • COPIC ciao E00 YR61 R02
  • Sakura MICRON 01
  • Background done in Photoshop

That’s Armony Eizelstein from the PS2 game Fullmetal Alchemist: Broken Angel. Cheap brush effects, I know… but I was lazy. I don’t have much experience coloring with color pencils (usually either CG, shade in pencil or use markers) so I guess this turned out okay for a first (kind of) try. But uh, don’t ask me where the light source is.

So anyway, inspiration for this was that I just finished reading the Taiwanese version of the FMA Game Novel 1 this morning. Now I’m fangirling again >____>

Spoiler…ish? (highlight to read)

The ending’s pretty sad though. Poor Armony D: But seriously, what kind of an ulterior motive is “to gain eternal beauty and youth”? I mean, don’t all the bad guys want to either a) take over the world b) recover some lost treasure, doing lots of bad stuff like destroying towns along the way c) make boatloads of money (through illegal means, of course) or something along those lines.


My friend lent it to me around June, I think (major procrastination). Personally I’m quite amazed at how I managed to finish the novel, which is almost exactly an inch thick (I measured) in 2 days. You’re looking at someone who normally only manages to read about 5 pages of a Chinese book before running off to find an excuse to ditch it.

My mum just made me send a bunch of drawings from goodness knows how long ago to my relatives. I capped the number of pictures at 10, or else she’d probably have made me send my entire Completed Art folder over.

Somehow I ended up cleaning up my room today. I was just going to sharpen my color pencils when something happened and I started taking last-minute mugging materials out of random folders and putting them into subject files. And then I started doing the same to my other files too. The whole process took me one hour. And that’s just sorting out the stuff in the files I could see.






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