iPod Touch

I got to play with my friend’s iPod Touch today.

It’s cool.

Safari on this device is probably the best mobile browser I have ever seen. I was typing this post with the iPod, but now I’m using a keyboard because I’m retyping the post. It was full of spelling mistakes.

I’ll continue this later.

Safari on this thing is the

  • best mobile browser I have seen. I’m typing this usimg the iPpd right now. As yyou prpbanly can twll, i am nort used to typong with an onscreen keyboard.tje device exudes Apple class and design. the multi-touch interfaxe (pinching thr screen to zoom in) is quite fun to play with. the touch screen is incredi ly reappnsive but i havw yet to get ued to thw text input. it qould be food to have a hanswriting input function, or id thwre oa, i havwnt foums it.
    i hafta go now ans return it tl mu friend. will xlwam up thjs poat later on the compugltee.
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