Howto: Create a Log File

Update: Notepad imposes a –>32kb limit on your log files (mine stopped working at 31.5kb), and at this point you will start to get out of memory errors telling you to try closing some programs and whatever. The log function will also stop working. But you can just create a new file and use it until that one runs out: my log files usually last me about half a year to 9 months.

Oh boy, I really don’t feel like doing work today, but I’m aiming to finish all my holiday homework by the end of the first week of June (impossible, really) so, in the interests of procrastination, I wrote a thingy that will hopefully help my friends when they one day decide they want to keep diaries on their computers, but not online and without a local install of some blog management software (I hardly use my local WP install anymore orz)

Right. How to make a log file. What’s a log file? It’s just a plain text file that appends the current date and time to a new line whenever you open it. Surprisingly handy for journal keeping especially if you key it to a keyboard shortcut, which I covered here, they don’t take up much space and resources too.

Step 1

Open up Notepad and type .LOG (make sure to include the dot at the front) on the first line. Hit Enter/Return for a line break. You can type descriptive text after that to keep multiple logfiles organized or something.

Step 2

Save the file. Text format will do.

Step 3

Close and reopen Notepad. Voila, logfile.

And, um, a shot of my personal logfile. Just for interest.


2 thoughts on “Howto: Create a Log File

  1. Albiet should be spelled as ‘albeit’. And I think the usage is incorrect; should be something like ‘albeit taking 1.5 hours’.

    I am so glad I don’t do BSP. =3

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