Howto: Create a Keyboard Shortcut (Win)

Something I don’t see people using as often as they should is keyboard shortcuts. My classmates especially seem to have some adversity to them. (“Oh ew, why do you press the keys so fast? It’s so confusing”) Here’s a quick tutorial thingy to help you create one that can open a file or application.

I’m going to be keying my log file because I want to write in it often and I don’t want to type in “D:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\Stuff\journal.txt” in the Run box each time I want to open it, nor do I want to click through multiple layers of folders.

Step 1

Locate the file or program you want to key, and create a shortcut by right clicking and selecting Create Shortcut. The shortcut will appear in the same folder as the file/program is in.

Step 2

Right click the shortcut and choose Properties. In the properties box, edit the shortcut field by pressing a key. Windows will fill in Ctrl-Alt for you. In this case, I’ve chosen “J” because it’s the first letter of “journal”.

Step 3

However, this shortcut that you’ve just created and keyed has to be on either the Desktop or Start Menu to work. Stupid, I know. But anyway, I prefer Start Menu because it’s a lot neater that way. So navigate to your user’s Start Menu directory:

C:\Documents and Settings\user\Start Menu
(replace C:\ with your Windows installation drive and user with your actual username)

And cut-and-paste your new shortcut into there. You can also make a new folder for these shortcuts. Try out your new shortcut – it should work. (that sounds dumb)


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