Children Imagining a Video Game

Some stuff I rushed at 10:30pm sometime back. Half the class didn’t hand it up anyway.

Children Imagining a Video Game

It would be good if there were an engaging plot,
But I want a clearly defined enemy, because complex stories with tales of betrayal
are too difficult for me to understand.

A likeable hero
or heroine, if you must.
(after all, our parents say we must respect both boys and girls)

Interesting gameplay;
Preferably with plenty of guns and enemies,
And amazing weapons, like nuclear bombers,
and what’s that word – grenades.

Explosions, gunshots;
Realistic graphics, so that we can imagine that we are soldiers
stealthily snaking through the long grasses
outside the enemy’s military base.

Lots of easy levels, so I can show off to my friends,
when we all come to my house to play together.
And some challenging levels,
for times when I am bored.


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