Cadmium Yellow

Cadmium Yellow

© 2008 krysjez

This was drawn sometime back on foolscap with a G-2 pen. Doodle during Chinese Culture class. It festered on my computer for goodness knows how long. I kinda like the style I used though.


5 thoughts on “Cadmium Yellow

      • wow. how’d you get the lines to be so clean and thin? I thought you’d have to use a tablet to get that kind of lines…

        • As in, the lineart, right?

          If you view it at full size you’ll see that it’s really not all that smooth.

          Shrinking images almost always makes the lines look smoother, heh.

          I suppose the lines are clean because it was done with a dark-colored pen, which cleans up very nicely. You did see my post about extracting lineart, right? Dark-colored pens on light paper make the levels part a lot easier.

          As for thin…use a thin pen? A light touch? I did this with the same kind of touch I would use when writing an essay.

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