Reisen (omfg touhou art)

Okay I need to stop with the “omfg” titles. Anyway, have a lineart of Reisen! Watermark/copyright notice/stuff is at the bottom-right corner, not smack in the middle of the picture (for once) so you are free to color. Just drop a comment to let me know, and send/comment a link to the finished picture if you’d like. Click for full size.

© 2008

© 2008

Creative Commons License - Attribute to J Yang

I’m quite happy with how this turned out. Managed to sort of solve my no-scanner problem by using my camera, which has decent macro and anti-shake. Of course, the quality of the images still leaves much to be desired and thus I can’t post things directly from photos without a Curves adjustment or so. And even still, there will be funny shadows all over the place.


7 thoughts on “Reisen (omfg touhou art)

  1. Uh, hi Alan.
    I would get one, but is mean and won’t let me get one. Anyway I never check it. It’s just full of my brother and his ego messages when he tries to convince himself that people read his blog.


    D: Mathophiles! /shudder

  2. Hi Krysjez,

    I like your line art. Erm, I think you should get a tagboard, so that I can comment without entering the comments section of your blog.

    All the best in your pursuits!


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