So I read on Bow’s new blog something about paperchild and I went to see what it was. Turns out they’re just normal drawings, but cut out and juxtaposited cleverly into normal photographs with 3-D objects. The more successful kind really make the entire scene look integrated – in terms of perspective, action and all that stuff.

As for me, I’ll just stick to drawing a random picture and cutting it out. :V

While waiting for my antivirus to finish a complete system scan (it’s dead slow) I decided to try making one on a whim. The time taken was about 30 minutes for drawing (I kept changing details) and 10 minutes for coloring, propping it up and taking a few photos. My sense of perspective being quite lousy (duly noted by Mr Lim in a Sec 1 ellipse-drawing exercise ;___; ) I couldn’t quite fit it in. So it just looks like I Photoshopped a picture of China onto a picture of my laptop. Oh wells.


7 thoughts on “Paperchild?

  1. I think in most cases that’s because the only freely available item that is easily proppable is a keyboard. Anyway that’s not the keyboard it’s a palmrest.

    Thanks for the perspective thing, will try tomorrow in daylight.

    And draw with longer strokes! you’re still doing the fuzzy lineart thing aren’t you

  2. everyone does the “sitting on keyboard” thing so much. :/

    perspective could be better if you propped it at the left corner of the laptop

    actual drawing leaves me in despair at my own lacking skills

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