Red Dawn

cupboard angle on (Large)

cupboard red side (Large)  

cupboard red drama (Large)

All Photos © 2009 J. Yang

Three photos taken yesterday morn with my point-and-shoot.

I woke up to find the morning sun shining through a piece of pink glass on the block next to mine, directly onto my cupboard. The pink glass meant that my room took on a lovely rosy tinge, and the natural color of my wooden floor and cupboard was greatly enhanced. Since my window has grilles, it also created quite an interesting effect, as evidenced in the first photo.

Slightly adjusted in Photoshop with Curves and a bit of black overpainting to get the effect I originally intended (the photos looked nice on the preview screen, but on the computer I found that many background elements could be seen).

On an unrelated note, my classmate thought the first photo was a picture of a sunrise with telephone cables in the foreground.


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