“Helping Patients Heal” With My Photography?

Okay, weird but kinda cool.

My dad came into the room holding this envelope from Singapore General Hospital. Being the morbid person I am, my first thought was “oh no I’ve been diagnosed with a rare blood disorder and they’re trying to get samples out of me for research”.

Turns out it wasn’t about anything medical (okay, perhaps it was tangentially related) and instead about three (or two?) of my SYPA 2008 entries, which I had all but forgotten about.

I should probably explain at this point that SYPA stands for the Singapore Young Photographers Award, and that Yong and I entered it last year. The following are all (except one really bad one) the photos that I entered, with short write-ups.

Growth Nature…or Growth, I can’t remember which

This thing was growing outside my old classroom at the stairs. Motivational posters leap to mind. I tried to get the rule of thirds in, but as you can see it failed and became the rule of two-thirds…or something.

I'm Lovin' It
I’m Lovin’ It

This photo was really hard to get right! Yong helped me with my camera stability issues (I’m a failure in low light because my hands shake) with her super shooting club skills. Mr Lim let us use this big diffuser sheet and a fancy flash (which sounded like a rocket charging up – pretty fun). The illusion is not very well done in my opinion as if you just take a second look at the photo Ronald is very much out of focus, and the position of the hand isn’t quite right. Still, if the photo was technically better, I’d like it a lot.
(Fun fact: Ronald was found at a dump by Mr Lim and carried back to school.)

Lone Flower
Lone Flower

Ah, the cliched motivation-poster look again. I vaguely applied the rule of thirds here, and I also just noticed that I really love to center attention in the top right of photos. I’m thinking I should stop doing that because I read somewhere that eyes scan in a ‘Z’ shape, starting from the top left and ending on the bottom right.

The letter was titled “Help patients heal with your photography works” and said “we had the opportunity to view your submission to the SYPA competition and found them to be most captivating and we would be most grateful if you could send us…Lone Flower Nature and I’m Lovin’ It which would be particularly suitable for our wards.”

Chiachia’s face is going to be viewed by “up to 900, 000 patients” and “over 6000” staff every year! Way-more-than-15-minutes-of-fame beckons.

On another note, the flower being chosen is also kind of funny. That little yellow thing gets far too much exposure for a simple photo with lots of depth of field that makes it look fancy. And with such an uninspired name too.

I’d like it more if my emo leaves, which take the crown for uninspired-name-ness – Untitled (Leaves) – or something else was shown…

Why does no one like my concentric circles?

I should have Photoshopped out the two lines at the top, which were air-con/ventilation vents or something. But that would mean comprising artistic integrity…if such a thing even exists anymore in today’s world. Unlikely location of shot: the Siew May auditorium at my school!

Untitled (Leaves)

…or my hole-ridden leaves?

Next to the small road in our school there are some patches of grass, on which grow funny trees with red flowers. The flowers look pretty on the lawns, but it was hard to capture (for me, at least) so I looked up and took a random photo of the leaves instead.

The typo error in the list of photos they requested is a bit confusing too. Do they want LF, N and ILI? Or N and ILI? Or LF and ILI? Come to think of it, did I even have an entry titled Nature? Or was it titled Growth? My mind boggles.

I think I’ll send them all three.


3 thoughts on ““Helping Patients Heal” With My Photography?

  1. OMG, it’s me.
    *jaw drops*
    Hopefully no one recognizes me.

    Other than the fact that I was in that and looked positively stiff, wonderful pictures! In fact, I like the picture taken outside the audi and the hole ridden leaves more…they look so interesting. But I guess hospitals don’t really want something dark-ish.

    Plants growing from strange places are really interesting!

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