Samsung CLP-300 Waste Toner Cartridges

Problem: The printer asks you to replace its waste toner cartidge.

Quick Fix: Empty the cartridge and slot it back in. Be sure to wipe the sensor (the diode) as well as this detects toner levels, and can misread them very often.

If you’re interested in the backstory, it’s after the jump.

Came home to my brother going “the printer is spoilt!”.

After dinner, I opened it up to have a look. The status software said that the waste toner cartridge was full and that I had to buy a new one.

Well, no way. I’m not buying a new one.

I removed the cartridge and immediately a cloud of fine black toner dust spilt out. In fact I have a headache now from (stupidly) inhaling a lot of dust by accident. Oh joy lung problems to look forward to in the future.

Also very stupidly tried to empty a bit of it in the sink before I remembered that it would clog my sink up and hastily resorted to bagging it and shaking it around to get the toner out. Didn’t quite work as the dust was so fine it simply escaped my bag.

Anyhoo, gave it a thorough wiping with tissue paper and put it back.

My printer works now.


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