Coursework: The Sneak, Idea 3

I’ve finally decided to do something about my coursework and borrowed some books on character design, as well as books related to the subject. You can see a partial list of books I borrowed here on LivingSocial.

I’ve been doodling small thumbnail sketches of potential Sneaks in my coursework sketchbook lately. Of course, all of them are of disgustingly low quality and wouldn’t look out of place in my 10-year-old brother’s sketchbook.

The Sneak's winged steed.

The Sneak with its winged steed.

So in the meantime, to keep the teachers amused, here’s a quick digital doodle of another Sneak idea!

Most humans cannot recognize magical creatures when they see one, and the Sneak is no exception to this trend, perhaps due to its excellent camouflage. Born with an innate desire to hoard useless trinkets, Sneaks have developed the ability to shapeshift into birds – such as magpies and hummingbirds (pictured above) – to escape detection, as well as for mobility.

Sneaks live in a strict hierarchical society, and this is easy to see in their working styles. They tend to go about their business in pairs, with the more powerful Sneak adopting a transformed “familiar” which it uses as a beast of burden, or for transport.

I think I have more fun writing descriptions than I do drawing the concept art. Also, I’ve finally figured out what my second creature will be: some kind of ghost/banshee/spirit-being. I figured with everything else so blatantly physical it would be nice to have a spiritual counterpart to balance things out a bit.


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