Liriel of Arvon

I can’t draw real people…I can’t even draw faces, for that matter. Not that this person (half-elf?) is real (evidently) – she’s my Level 1 PC from a campaign that never got started because the DM’s computer died.

Please ignore everything below the fancy, impractical-looking cloak clasp.


Drawn without references, which explains the weird proportions for almost everything. I dislike her neck and hair the most, because her neck is just…wrong and the hair makes her face look even more lopsided than it already is.

The entire drawing was finished in about 20 minutes (I say about because I was chatting on Y! Messenger, installing software, trying to read a book and troubleshooting my brother’s essay at the same time, which meant I only managed to put the final touches like an hour later) .

Tools Used: Black 0.5 ballpoint (I love Pilot BP-S ballpoints – very smooth and less uneven ink than other pens) and free hotel pencil. And eraser from primary school.

Also, my lousy new scanner (YES FINALLY I HAVE A SCANNER!) can only scan at 200dpi color and grayscale! And 600dpi black and white.

I got cheated!

/general angriness towards a gigantic IT company


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