Turtlemon, a.k.a. Insatiable #1

Well, after doing some Math just now in a feeble attempt to procrastinate but not feel like I was procrastinating I drew this.


It’s a doodle of Insatiable #1, or Turtlemon as I prefer to call it, lurking in a vending machine guarding its hoard. I figured vending machines were dark so it’s…dark?

I used a real coin pile for reference but I didn’t add a lot of details and shading, just used the coin pile for positioning. The creature’s shell is from a toy figurine of a terrapin or some kind of reptile with a carapace. The rest of the creature was based on this ancient photo I dug out on my hard drive of my old red-eared terrapins.

Why red-eared terrapins and not some huge monster of a Galapagos giant tortoise? For one, because Mr Lim said that I should try and observe from real life more instead of drawing dragons and sphinxes. But I used it mainly because the terrapins are a fairly common sight here in Singapore and it would add local flavor to the creature. I hope.

If you enlarge the picture – not particularly recommended, by the way, because when you do that you can really see how little detail there is – you’ll notice it has no eyes and other things which I shall proceed to detail in the following paragraphs.

The Insatiable dwells inside vending machines, preferring the constant warmth of the machines to the unpredictable weather conditions in the outside world. Its elongated neck allows it to snoop around for food as its legs are barely functional.

Insatiables lay tiny eggs onto coins, which are then ejected when a user presses the ‘coin return’ button. The eggs stay dormant until dropped into another, unoccupied, machine. I am unsure of how they detect the presence of other Insatiables, but it may be due to pheromones or other chemical signals released by the creatures.

Upon hatching, the young proceed to feed on other microscopic creatures and debris living on the coins. It is at about 4 months of age when they start developing the strong gut and jaws required to eat coins.

Over the course of its life an Insatiable’s legs gradually wither away into small stumps, due to the lack of need for movement.

What happens when an Insatiable dies is still a bit of a mystery.

A test doodle in ArtRage 2.5 until the point where I realized “hey! I can post this on the coursework blog!”. The software’s supposed to be easy to use, but I think I still prefer Photoshop.

If only it had watercolor. Speaking of which, where can I buy reasonable quality, cheap watercolor paper? All the papers at Art Friend cost like $3 per sheet or something like that.


3 thoughts on “Turtlemon, a.k.a. Insatiable #1

  1. I like it! Was the whole tortoise drawn by you? Cool! ❤

    as usual the description of the tortoise is a fun read XD

    exactly where in the vending machine do they live. The coin part? Food part? Somewhere we’ll never see? How does it deal with the wires? Does it get electrocuted?

  2. That Tortoise is really beautiful. The Galapagos Islands are the most incredible living museum of evolutionary changes, with a huge variety of exotic species (birds, land animals, plants) not seen anywhere else. The landscapes are also out of this world.

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