Random Green Woman


Yong suggested algae mermaid.

I drew woman with funny shell hair and barnacle corsage. Then I colored her green.

And now I must go for my break, because I really don’t feel like doing any more art, and then I’ll come back and write about Inspiration so I can get a good grade for AEP and fill myself up with empty words of praise from my parents.

Also, I’m frightened. My language pulls my marks up in essays, not my reasoning, and for my practice exposition I got a low mark range of 21-23 (estimated; I’m not entirely sure how the teachers calculate things based on that iffy HCI rubric) upon 30.


3 thoughts on “Random Green Woman

  1. I’m seriously impressed with your drawing-on-the-computer skills >< Bro finds your works “eh, not bad leh!” too! XD

    Pretty lady of the lake? Maybe while vacationing else where she was seen by King Arthur XD

    She looks grey to me though. almost like a statue.

    What does she do? Grant the wish of people who diligently throw 1 cent coins into the pond? My primary school pond has plenty of 1 and 5 cent coins…

    She may want a trusty sidekick XD

    teach me how to draw the arm in that perspective!

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