The Nostalgia Post

This was the first assignment Mr Lim Kok Boon got us to do upon joining the Art Elective Programme – the state of my art criticism at age 12.

Oh gosh it’s really funny to see my noobish Sec 1 handwriting now. This was done in March of 2006.

(Title Unknown), Eleen Khoo Wei Ting, Pastel, 2005.

The artwork has images of a child blowing bubbles. The bubbles contain the child’s dreams and fantasies. On the other side there is a girl smiling at a frog. The colors used in the artwork are mostly cool colors and are complementary. The lines of the subjects of the painting are not very distinct. The way which the bubbles are arranged on the wall makes it seem like they are floating. The shape of the bubbles (circle) is used constantly throughout the work.

The composition of the artwork is useful in emphasizing the movement of the bubbles. The complementary colors help give a sense of harmony to the artwork.

I think it is reflecting the happiness and how carefree a child’s life is. Inside the bubbles there are pictures of the Superman logo and Peter Pan, among others. I think they are the dreams and idols of the child.

I like this work because it reminds us of our happy childhood days anda tells us to always follow our dreams.


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