Painting of the Year Entry

Title: AF Mode


This painting depicts a little yellow flower with a torn leaf I found growing in my school.

I wanted to illustrate the contrasts in the simple but flawed beauty that Nature has to offer us. The contrast between the bright yellow of the flower and the muted background, between the green of the plant and the red-brown that rims the leaves. The flower itself is radiant, but it has a hole in its leaf – a contrast of imperfections in the seemingly perfect. The painting also recreates the look of photography by blurring the background and parts of the plant as though it were taken with a camera on auto-focus mode, to give a contrast between the naturalistic feel of flowers and the mechanics of photography. It also contains broad areas of color with subtle differences within to try and recreate what I saw in the flower and its surroundings. I hope I was able to convey the spirit of the flower through the colors I used.

…the ramblings of an amateur. But I guess this was pretty fun for my first painting. Apparently I paint fast or something.


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