Mythological Influences

Ancient mythology has been a theme of my recent prep work. I’ve found quite a number of parallels between Egyptian, Greco-Roman and Aztec mythological figures and my own creatures.

I was looking for more references for the Sneak just now. Apart from the Hippocampus (detailed in previous post) I’ve found two Egyptian goddesses that I could use as references.

Wadjet was said to be the patron and protector of Lower Egypt and upon unification with Upper Egypt, the joint protector and patron of all of Egypt with the "goddess" of Upper Egypt.

Renenutet was the anthropomorphic deification of the act of gaining a true name, an aspect of the soul, during birth.


Okay. Well, to be honest, I haven’t had much luck finding resources on them that I can use in my work. Especially because all the Egyptian artworks/sculptures I can find are people standing in that profile-3/4 view style.

If anything, at least the research I did in this area helped me to establish the cobra as the kind of snake I want to base the pose and maybe some patterning on. See, the cobra has got a hood, which makes it easier (and more natural-looking) for me to add on the Sneak’s body to the snake tail.


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