Sneak: Composition

Finally! Productiveness! I was going to go down to the studio to scan in my Pigeonholer final, but since I’m going to paint this either tomorrow or on Friday, I figured I might as well go to school after this one is done and scan them both at the same time.

I decided to move away from showing the Sneak in action in the final. I’m going to do that with pencil instead, which I think embodies the speed much better because of the sketchiness.

So, here’s my final composition! The Sneak crows triumphantly after counting its gold stationery hoard for the day.


It started off as this sketch.  The head and neck look really awkward, and it’s looking in a straight line forwards. I thought it was kind of boring – what was the Sneak looking at anyway? The copy?


So in the second version (I accidentally overwrote it with the file you see above, so this is actually the 3rd major revision) I changed the angle of the head so it was more slanted upwards, sort of like a rooster crowing. Also, because the entire torso and head section seemed like it had been pasted on (didn’t really link with the rest) I looked at a picture of a cobra’s hood and drew in a yellowish underside, modeled after a cobra’s underbelly.


…and this is just for fun.


2 thoughts on “Sneak: Composition

  1. WOW, you managed to do up such a spontaneous piece of work!
    i feel that colours and shades gives the bird an enhanced look.

    Perhaps the bird can be coloured with a darker shade/ modelling to give a more 3D look.

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