I saw some of the others posting photos from GCP. I follow suit! And this time, there’s real commentary!

That’s the slideshow for the whole set on Flickr. I’ll just be posting the ones I like better here.

Sony Cyber-Shot W110
5 and 7 megapixels
Automatic mode, with macro control (sadly, this camera comes with no manual controls at all in all the modes, save for an exposure compensation one in Program mode)
Flash always off

北京古观象台 (Old Observatory) It’s a flower. It’s an exceedingly plain shot, actually, and the flower isn’t that pretty either. I was mainly trying to see if the rule of thirds really works or not (the flower is in the top-right third). I guess not.

北京古观象台 (Old Observatory) 
I found the light very interesting – it was a crisp, clear day and that lovely winter sunlight was everywhere. I also like the concentric circles. The composition is a bit boring though – I guess tighter cropping or shifting the subject matter off-centre would have helped.圆明园 (Yuanming Yuan)

It’s a sunset! At about 4 or 5 pm. This was taken at the Old Summer Palace (or what remains of it, anyway…) and I thought the silhouetted ruins provided a nice dose of nostalgia (wrong word, but I can’t think of a better one at the moment) to top off the day.

天津文化街 (Tianjin)

This could have been a much better photo. I’m quite happy with the expressions of mother and child (?) but there are random shoulders at the sides, which takes the focus away from them. Didn’t have time to wait for a better shot because we were already running for the bus.书法 (Calligraphy)

It’s the light again. That lovely sunlight! I wish we had more of that in Singapore.

北京古观象台 (Old Observatory)

This is some sort of ancient astrological instrument, if I remember correctly. Don’t really like the background,d though I thought the bit with the sun turned out quite nicely.


2 thoughts on “Beijing

  1. 😀 “It’s a flower” 😀 -> D: + -.-

    Hmm, regarding the flower one, the bud beside it is a little distracting XD Maybe the flower’s colour isn’t striking / stem is same direction as the one with the bud ? Anyway, flower is pretty tho.

    2nd one : WINTER SUNLIGHT IS COOL! (i think i rad abt winter sunlight in a photograph book before). I agree with your comments on the composition…cropping will emphasize the nice circles 😀

    3rd one : *chia commences tilting laptop screen to lighten the silhouettes then the other way to darken the sky* I think a more colourful sky with solid black silhouettes is cool…:D Hey, one of the statue is a little picasso-ish…(or it’s just me :D)

    4th one: Considering the circumstances, i thought it was a great photo 😀 I like the off-centre-two-ppl 😀 They make the photo look very qin qie.

    5th: Yet another two ppl 😀 WHAT IS TT GUY DOING? :O Izzat a gigantic brush? Yes yes, winter sunlight is cool ^^

    Last one: :O The rod/needle/pointything captures the most attention, esp since it is emphasized by the clouds. budden…the circle thing is more interesting D: esp since the sun is peeking thru it 😀 I dunno…choose a better angle?

  2. Er, I know I haven’t been commenting for a while. But never mind. XD

    I really like the 2nd and the 3rd photo. In the 2nd photo I think the light source really helped, like there’s a balance between the dark and the light colours.The composition is also nice, ’cause its simple, and the circles become the focus as it’s in the middle of the photo.

    For the 3rd one, I liked the contrast between the light and dark.I also like taking photos with silhouettes. The sky colour is really nice, what time was it when you took the picture?

    For the last photo, I think the clouds kind of ruin the composition, so the background is rather weird. Maybe a frontal view of the instrument would help? ‘Cause it looks a little distorted…

    Oh man this comment is kind of long. Sorry! >.<

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