Office 2010: First Day


Yeah so as about 8 people know by now, I managed to get an invite to the Technical Preview of Office 2010, which I really wanted because since Office 2007 came out I’ve been wanting to ditch 2003. Jump for screenshots and stuff.

I followed the link and after signing in with my Windows Live ID at Microsoft Connect, I downloaded the installer for Office Professional – around 540MB.


2009-07-15_223550 2009-07-15_224735

I decided to try it out with something I’m going to be doing a lot of the next few weeks – making notes for revision. Boring, yeah.


The splash screen has this animated dust storm swirly thing at the bottom. There are also Close and Minimize buttons as you can see, which I guess would come in handy if you changed your mind or if your plug-ins were taking too long to load. Loading Word for the first time took about 7 seconds; the second time round it was down to 4.


You are asked to activate it online. The activation was fast and pretty much all you have to do is click Next.


Installing the technical preview also gives you two icons in your system tray. It’s pretty simple: click the icon whenever you have a gripe or praise, and you can enter comments and optionally add a screenshot and your contact details before it gets sent to the Office team.


Pressing Alt gives you numbers and keys over the interface so you know what Alt-shortcut to press. Handy, if slightly annoying after a while.

oldish This is what you get when you click the Office button in the top left. It’s been redesigned into a rectangle instead of the big glowy orb of 2007. I was kind of expecting a drop-down list though, because of the little arrow next to the Office logo.


The save dialog. Nothing much to see here, moving on…


After you save the document, the Info tab comes up by default when clicking the Office button where you can get random (but useful) information.


I like the ability to customize what MS calls the “Quick Access Toolbar”, which basically turns your window titlebar into a fully-featured custom toolbar.

Right, more to come later. I need to finish up those notes.


2 thoughts on “Office 2010: First Day

    • Um because I’m guai. No lah because I had nothing to do so I did Bio.

      And I just remembered I need to do IH SIA and the chem prac from today! Damnit I always remember important stuff too late.

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