Because I’m Bored: My Firefox Add-ons

Can’ Live Without

  • Adblock Plus, together with the ABP Element Hiding Helper
  • Greasemonkey – for the userscripts, naturally. You can find the below at
    • Flickr Multi-group Sender – because Flickrites are lazy
    • Yousable Tubefix – adds YouTube options
    • Gawker Enhanced Comments (07-2009) – fixes a lot of things that wrong with the new comments system.
  • LiveClick – Slide-up notifications! (I think they used to be called Growl-style, but I’m not all too sure what Growl notifications look like relative to the rest of the screen)
  • QuickDrag
  • PDF Download – the one I currently use is by Nitro Software, but there are many alternatives out there.
  • Delicious Bookmarks
  • StumbleUpon
  • TwitterBar
  • YouTube Comment Snob – Ah, YouTube bliss…
  • Web Developer – Every time I want to uninstall it, something comes up which justifies having it around. It’s kinda spooky.

I Don’t Know

  • Yahoo! Mail Notifier – It’s kind of useless because I keep Mail open in background tab, but I can set it to check more often. Of course I could use Postbox for that as well, but it’s still very much in beta and it’s got a lot of kinks that must be worked out.
  • CustomizeGoogle – I keep it for the random options not related to ads.
  • Web of Trust – it does come in handy sometimes…sometimes.
  • LeechBlock – does it work? I don’t know yet. I keep tricking myself out of setting a combination.

Can Totally Live Without (i.e. uninstalled today)

  • Sxipper
  • Aviary (other than one-click screenshot capture and upload, it’s pretty useless, since Aviary went to a pay model eons ago)

Now, on to Low Earth Orbit satellites…


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