New Yahoo! Mail + Office 2010 Stuff

Hmm. I went to check my mail today and saw a bunch of changes. Also near the bottom of this post there are some more Office 2010 screenshots about the equation editor. Jump for more.

To skip to the Office 2010 stuff click here. I think my favorite is the new attachment system. The first time you want to attach something, this pops out and sets up a plugin:




After installing the plugin you can drag-and-drop things directly from Windows Explorer into an attachment pane, which is pretty neat. Okay, actually it’s a lifesaver for lazy people like me.



You also get progress bars while you upload. Pictures are resized automatically for you with three settings – though pixel sizes are not given, so I guess I’ll have to go poke around a bit more – , which is great news for over-enthusiastic relatives around the world.    

Now some screenshots from Office 2010:2009-08-21_211926

I like the new equation editor. It feels like a proper part of Word instead of an add-on, like Microsoft Equation Editor in previous versions did. Everything mathematical is integrated into the ribbon at the top. It’s very nice-looking. The bunch of symbols on the left there are separated into various categories, such as Basic Math and Greek Symbols.


A really time-saving feature is how whatever you type in automatically gets converted into a nicely formatted equation. So if I type “64a/3” it gets turned into “64a (over) 3” when I press the space bar. You can also do useless stuff like change nicely formatted equations into messes like the one above for pasting into forum posts and such.


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