The Tragic Tale of the Holga and I

I went out for a little gallivant on the 18th with The Holga (I am considering giving it a name, as I often do with my possessions) and took some photos. At least, that’s what I planned to do. In a way, I did, but it wasn’t quite what I had in mind.

I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to load the film. Then I asked my mum to help me, and she spent 15 minutes doing that. Basically I couldn’t manage to get the tabbed bit (the “leader”, I think)  at the front to stay in the take-up spool properly. But it got loaded in the end. The numbers in the little red window at the back were upside-down though…I’m not sure if that’s supposed to happen.

Afterwards (“afterwards” is an acceptable variant of “afterward”, Firefox, no matter what you tell me. In fact, my dictionary defines “afterward” as Am E AFTERWARDS) I took the roundabout way to the field near Holland Link. And I had just taken a photo of some rich person’s really cool sidewalk-lining flower plantation, crossed the road, when it rained. If you have never been to Singapore then you will not understand the way rain happens here. Simply put, rain just happens. There is no gradual build-up in intensity, no warnings (you might get lightning, if you’re lucky). You just get drenched and then it stops (the same way, it’s like there’s an on/off switch for it in the heavens) and you’re left wondering what the blazes just happened and why your clothes and hair are all wet.

I did get to see these really cool god rays coming up and out from behind a cloud though. Very nifty.

Speaking of which, the shutter seemed to be permanently set to Bulb mode though I set it to Normal. But it worked when I tested it without the film inside…

To top it off I put in ISO 100 film = totally underexposed? Either that or I accidentally exposed the whole roll when loading. Oops.

I also went to the Botanic Gardens at night, and discovered that my hands are very shaky indeed.


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