“an anime girl in a cloak” – my D&D bard (?)

Human Bard: Hello World!

Click for slightly larger image available on Flickr.


This is supposed to be my bard for a campaign I’m applying for. The character is female but if you removed the braid this could probably pass off as male…?

You would not believe the amount of time I spent on this picture. It’s only about 10cm wide but I redid it like twice or something…and I just realized that her [his?] left hand is a lot bigger than the right hand. Aaand I don’t know what direction hir body is facing either. In fact the whole thing is screwed goddamnit

I actually draped my specs’ cleaning cloth onto a mannequin and taped it together as reference for the cloak. First time I’ve drawn fabric with reference. Unfortunately the cloak on her right side looks like it’s made of cotton now, while the left side feels more like heavier, velvety fabric. Oops.

Pencil, useless tortillions, more than 90 minutes (!), colorized in Photoshop.

I also went poking around my stats today (haven’t done that in a long time). Weird referrer terms:

  • an anime girl in a cloak
  • nobody fail language arts
  • wordpress piano-black extract
  • fake star trek free pics
  • toyota camry lineart
  • mahou no stage fancy lala wallpaper
  • marsha haha

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