Hi, I’m Jess.

About me

I’m a student at Yale University, pursuing Computer Science and Cognitive Science double majors but interested in many other things too: psychology, art, user experience, linguistics etc. I sing with the Yale Glee Club and think it would be neat to be a professor someday. I am from Singapore, an island one degree north of the equator.

Among other things, I hold strong opinions on education, egalitarianism (a superset of feminism), art, and bad design.

Things I like

I can code at the level of the infamous CPSC 323, but I freely admit to not being some kind of ultra-genius code rockstar/ninja (yet!) and don’t pretend to be one. What sets me apart from most coders is my art background, which means I care a lot about making the code look good, and a deep empathy for users, which means I care a lot about making things that are actually usable. I dip in and out of User Experience Stack Exchange, learning what I can about the field of user experience, which I hope to go into at some point after graduation. I have an ever-growing list of ideas for coding projects and am always interested in collaborating!

I love drawing and painting, singing, playing the piano and reading. I’m a big fan of Tolkien’s legendarium and Rich Burlew’s The Order of the Stick. I also draw a comic about Pokemon, but Yellow is the only game I’ve ever completed. I started learning aikido in late 2013 and can roll around in straight lines.

Games I play

The only game I play with any regularity is The Lord of the Rings Online. It’s an engaging game with a great community that you will love if you’re a Tolkien nerd (background knowledge not required to play). Cedia on Elendilmir is my main; my crafting alt is Ithiril/Elendilmir and Ingote/Landroval is my RP alt (alts are very rarely used). Sissal might be online sometimes; I think she will soon become my main alt.

Screenshot of Cedia waving in LOTRO.

This is Cedia. She says hi.

This blog

This blog was originally started in 2006 as a personal blog titled ‘それは熱い’ (tr. ‘it’s hot’ – a comment on Singapore weather). It was abandoned around 2009, then revived in 2013 as Jess Writes Words. I have lots of post drafts, but I don’t publish that often. Hopefully that will change in 2014.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. We are the same, completely ( kind of freaky, was your name jessica in one of your past lives?) *_*-me, oh, and by the way, cheak out my my space!!! prontooooooo!!!!

    wuv u ~bye

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