Computer Science Resource Library

Discrete Math

I’m not a math whiz. Usually I can eventually ‘get’ things just fine, but it takes patience and lots of examples. If something is linked here, it was simple enough for me to understand.


Quick Fix: Microsoft Wireless Keyboard keys are wrong

Two nights ago my brother touched my Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 1000 and BAM the key mappings completely messed themselves up. The space bar was typing ‘G’ and Backspace became ‘R’ and ‘d’ was ‘/’ and so on. Every key was typing the wrong key (or modifier, leading to several accidental browser window closures).

Much online advice is centred around going to Regional and Language Settings to check that the correct keyboard is selected, but in my case the solution was much simpler: after fiddling around for a while and considering replacing the battery, I paired the keyboard with the base station again and everything was good. It’s an obvious solution, really, and I felt a bit sheepish afterwards for not having realized earlier.

Exact instructions vary, but usually you press a button on the base station followed by a button on the keyboard. In my case the button lives on the back of the keyboard – it’s an unassuming little grey push-button.

Front End Resource Library

The following is a list of resources that I’ve found helpful for finding my way around web front end development. This post is updated from time to time. Last update: 9 July 2013

General/comprehensive docs



Wallpaper Pack: Vaarsuvius

All right, I lied. I’m not releasing two versions.

Vaarsuvius Wallpaper Pack

Current version: 1.0.1

The following are wallpaper-sized versions of a simple illustration I did over the past few days. The character featured is Vaarsuvius, elven mage of unidentifiable gender from Rich Burlew’s webcomic The Order of the Stick. Available in 2 versions each for standard 1024×768, 1280×960 and widescreen 1280×800, 1600×900.

Release notes

  • Fixed unclear collar. Thanks to Glass Mouse for pointing it out.


  • Initial release.

Known bugs (spoilered)

  • Hair
  • Highlights on skin (they don’t look good – but thanks anyway, Dispozition)

Special thanks

Glass Mouse, Dispozition, Kaytara, Zanaril, EvilDMMk3, half-halfling, Mercenary Pen, Irbis, zyborg, TheArsenal (?), licoot, Discord, Veros, Kumori_Ekisu, Lira, TheSummoner, Herpestidae, Serpentine.

Putting The Star Trek Soundtrack Down On Fake Paper

I just finished my Lang Arts portfolio. At long last. Good riddance to that thing! Ugh.


Recognize this? No? Hum the notes? It’s what I’ve coined the “Hopeful” theme from the start of Track 15 (End Credits) from the Star Trek soundtrack. Track from Star Trek. Hmm. That sounds like something Yun would say.

Edit: I’ve just realized that “Hopeful” is actually the original Star Trek theme from TOS (I think).

I wish I had one of those direct MIDI input keyboards so I could play it out instead of having to click here click there and fumble my way through MuseScore (a free scoring program – while the UI looks basic at first glance, BEWARE! It’ll trip you up if you’re not careful).

Basically what I’m trying to do is arrange the first minute or so of End Credits, which is Hopeful plus a bit of Star Trek (theme) near the back. Then it fades out and it tricks you and comes back with drums! After that the second part of the song begins, which is when the scrolling credits on black appear.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get all the accompaniment in! Especially when Star Trek comes back in after the second repetition of Hopeful…