Holidays in Bree

There’s not much to post about today. The school holidays have started, though this year’s hols are far busier than ever before. Choir practices just ended last week, but they’re having a chalet tomorrow and I haven’t prepared the stuff I should have learnt for it. The computers are having a karaoke outing on the 18th, the prospect of which seems quite daunting. I’ve never done karaoke. If my singing sucks it will be twice as bad because I’m now a chorister. And how interesting can listening to other people sing be? It might be all right for half an hour, but hours at a go just seems strange.

In LOTRO news, my hobbit minstrel Cedia reached Level 16 today, and I finally ventured out of the Shire to Bree-land. I found a cosmetics dealer and finally changed her out of her previous outfit.


After spending 16 levels in the Shire, Bree is a big change.

The Shire:




Cedia lives on Elendilmir, in case anyone wants to join up.