It’s kinda funny that coursework, my biggest project yet, is also my only organized project. Ever.


I saw some of the others posting photos from GCP. I follow suit! And this time, there’s real commentary!

That’s the slideshow for the whole set on Flickr. I’ll just be posting the ones I like better here.

Sony Cyber-Shot W110
5 and 7 megapixels
Automatic mode, with macro control (sadly, this camera comes with no manual controls at all in all the modes, save for an exposure compensation one in Program mode)
Flash always off

北京古观象台 (Old Observatory) It’s a flower. It’s an exceedingly plain shot, actually, and the flower isn’t that pretty either. I was mainly trying to see if the rule of thirds really works or not (the flower is in the top-right third). I guess not.

北京古观象台 (Old Observatory) 
I found the light very interesting – it was a crisp, clear day and that lovely winter sunlight was everywhere. I also like the concentric circles. The composition is a bit boring though – I guess tighter cropping or shifting the subject matter off-centre would have helped.圆明园 (Yuanming Yuan)

It’s a sunset! At about 4 or 5 pm. This was taken at the Old Summer Palace (or what remains of it, anyway…) and I thought the silhouetted ruins provided a nice dose of nostalgia (wrong word, but I can’t think of a better one at the moment) to top off the day.

天津文化街 (Tianjin)

This could have been a much better photo. I’m quite happy with the expressions of mother and child (?) but there are random shoulders at the sides, which takes the focus away from them. Didn’t have time to wait for a better shot because we were already running for the bus.书法 (Calligraphy)

It’s the light again. That lovely sunlight! I wish we had more of that in Singapore.

北京古观象台 (Old Observatory)

This is some sort of ancient astrological instrument, if I remember correctly. Don’t really like the background,d though I thought the bit with the sun turned out quite nicely.


Was just called (well, she called my dad by accident, but yeah…) by a Chinese teacher. She needs illustrations.
 Well I guess it’s portfolio fodder…but HALF AN HOUR to do that if I want to go to bed at a sane time (i.e. before midnight) and finish writing at least one paragraph of tomorrow’s Chinese essay and a Lang Arts essay on euthanasia (the second one. My first one opposed legalization, which I personally don’t believe in, so I’m writing one about legalization now.)


This was my first try at painting things realistically on a computer. As you can see it’s not really good. I was following along to this book by a guy named Zhu something that I bought in China.

Coursework: The Sneak, Idea 3

I’ve finally decided to do something about my coursework and borrowed some books on character design, as well as books related to the subject. You can see a partial list of books I borrowed here on LivingSocial.

I’ve been doodling small thumbnail sketches of potential Sneaks in my coursework sketchbook lately. Of course, all of them are of disgustingly low quality and wouldn’t look out of place in my 10-year-old brother’s sketchbook.

The Sneak's winged steed.

The Sneak with its winged steed.

So in the meantime, to keep the teachers amused, here’s a quick digital doodle of another Sneak idea!

Most humans cannot recognize magical creatures when they see one, and the Sneak is no exception to this trend, perhaps due to its excellent camouflage. Born with an innate desire to hoard useless trinkets, Sneaks have developed the ability to shapeshift into birds – such as magpies and hummingbirds (pictured above) – to escape detection, as well as for mobility.

Sneaks live in a strict hierarchical society, and this is easy to see in their working styles. They tend to go about their business in pairs, with the more powerful Sneak adopting a transformed “familiar” which it uses as a beast of burden, or for transport.

I think I have more fun writing descriptions than I do drawing the concept art. Also, I’ve finally figured out what my second creature will be: some kind of ghost/banshee/spirit-being. I figured with everything else so blatantly physical it would be nice to have a spiritual counterpart to balance things out a bit.