From time to time I make things.

I’ve been raring to make a Windows Phone app for some time now, but lack of tools is holding me back.



  • A prettified desktop interface for EMB, with extra features like offline access and improved search.
  • If you know what EMB is, then you’ll want to give this a spin. Get it here.
  • Created in collaboration with yyjhao
  • See also the release announcement.

Full-width character sheets for Myth-Weavers

  • This Greasemonkey userscript will remove padding on either side of the main character sheet table on, giving you more editing room.
  • Hosted on

Projects For The Greater Good

  • I am a lecturer and UX Person at openlectures, a nonprofit dedicated to levelling the pre-tertiary educational playing field in Singapore.
  • I will soon be volunteering with a new initiative that teaches programming and computer science to schoolchildren in New Haven, CT.
  • I am always interested in the following areas: education (especially access to education and quality of education), youth development, feminism (or more accurately ‘social egalitarianism’) and LGBT rights/equality (see ‘social egalitarianism’). More so if they pertain to Singapore – please contact me if you’re running a project that involves these things and want some publicity or help! I’ll do my best.

Art Projects

You can find these on my art page – go to my homepage and follow the link (the exact URL changes from time to time, so I don’t want to link directly)

Ongoing Projects

  • Serren’s Nuzlocke: A comic based loosely off my Pokemon SoulSilver game. Started 2012.
  • You can find this, again, by going to my homepage and following the link.
  • Here’s a banner for funsies:Banner for Serren's Nuzlocke

Completed Projects

  • Dreams in Silver Bromide: A personal series about memory and dreams, some that will never be. 2011.
  • Heroes As We Know Them: Even heroes need to do their laundry sometimes. 2010. I’m planning to revisit and redo this soon.
  • A Comprehensive Guide to the Creatures of Nanyang: Fun creature design and illustration project inspired by Tony DiTerlizzi‘s work for The Spiderwick Chronicles, with a small Singaporean twist. 2009.

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