EMBclient Release

Yujian and I have just finished work on EMBclient. It’s a little program that grabs announcements from our school’s online notice board system, with offline caching for messages that you’ll need to refer frequently to, and it syncs with the (horrendously ugly) web version because it can.

I didn’t actually code (I tried though!), just helped get it from this:

To this:

A substantial improvement, if you ask me. Could be better, of course, but…

Anyway, you can get EMBclient from http://bit.ly/getembclient or look for it on SourceForge.


New-look Delicious

Visited del.icio.us yesterday and found to my surprise it was now Delicious.

What now greets you at Delicious.com

Then my brother happened to come in.

Me: “Del.icio.us used to be so cool.”
Me: “Now it’s just so…”
My bro and I went, simultaneously, “plain”.

My first thoughts were that it looked really Web 2.0 and shiny. Not glossy-highlights shiny, but…well, you know. Anyway, I thought that gigantic Flash header was a bit in-your-face, but I guess the shinyweb2.0 crowd will like it. Thank goodness it had a “hide” option. Which didn’t really hide, just compressed it into a thin bar of shinyness. I don’t like how they shrunk the website thumbnails under the ‘popular’ column, and the insistence on using shades of gray instead of black and white is hurting my eyes. And the small font sizes. What is it with Web 2.0 sites and font sizes that are either insanely gigantic or minuscule?

But anyway, I logged in.

The Delicious home screen.

The Delicious home screen.

The color choices are really bugging me. What’s with the gray and gray-tint spammage? And honestly, some of the color differentiations are so subtle that you can’t tell the difference at all when you’re flying through your bookmarks.

Grayish-blue and bluish-gray.

Bluish-gray and grayish-blue. There is a difference, by the way.

So I continued to poke around. Imagine my aghast-ness when I discovered my “unbundled tags” bundle was missing.

Where's my unbundled bundle?

Now see, this really bothers me because I’m an organization freak (or so I would like to believe) and I use the unbundled tags bundle for seeing which tags need to be bundled. If you understood that last sentence, you’ll also understand that this spells disaster for my tagging system. I have close to 500 tags.

Seven minutes into my exploration session, I got this. And I proceeded to get it 16 more times in the same session.

So Firefox is a buggy, misconfigured and malicious program?

And today while organizing my bookmarks (again) I got at least 30 “temporary problem” messages…

Temporary as in 2 days?

Temporary as in 2 days?

…and I got blocked, I don’t know, 15 times?

There are people raving about the new design but I personally think they went one step forward and two steps backward in terms of UX. It hasn’t got any snappier either – in fact I’d go so far as to say it’s gotten slower.

A suggestion I put in the forum: Is it possible to have just a cosmetic old-del.icio.us thing? Like those “choose skin” features some sites have got. Not totally back to the old system, but less flashiness and more nostalgia for the old(er) users.

In other news, WordPress.com just announced 24/7 support. I love this place.